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Tips for typing in Punjabi

Learning Punjabi Typing is very easy and we are here to make it more easy. It is very important to have a good hand in Punjabi Typing if you want to join a Government job in Punjab. At khilare we provide you complete guide to increase your speed from the beginning.

The key to success in learning Punjabi Typing is Practice. The more you practice, better will be the speed. Remember, don't look at keyboard, not even once. Initially it will be difficult to learn and type because you are habitual of English Keyboard. But it is not as tuff. Once you learnt character positions, then you will start enjoy typing .

By following schedule given below, you can reach the speed upto 40 to 50 Words Per Minutes like a fun. So print it if you can and paste anywhere, where it is visible very frequently. But before, must read about sitting posture. It is often ignored, but it is one of the most important factor. If you seriously want improve you speed, sit properly and place your hand and fingers properly.

About Online Punjabi Typing Pad

Khilare's Online Punjabi Typing Pad is an Online

English to Punjabi Transliteration utility

which is an automatic, very easy to use (user-friendly) and powerful tool.

How to use Online Punjabi Typing Pad

Users have to write the Punjabi word in English. Upon pressing space, it will automatically convert the English word in to Punjabi word.

For Example:
If you want to type ਪੰਜਾਬੀਅਤ then you have to type punjabiat in English. When you press Space Bar, it will automatically convert it to Punjabi.

Your feedback is our fuel and we love to listen from you. If you have any query, suggestions or something to share with us, feel free to comment below. We will come back to you as soon as possible. Thank You!

Exercises Advanced Users

Punjabi PSSSB New Format Punjabi Exercise Random Punjabi Exercise 7 Minute Challenge Ex. 99 New Format Ex. 92 New Format Ex. 91 New Format Ex. 90 New Format Ex. 9 New Format Ex. 89 New Format Ex. 88 New Format Ex. 87 New Format Ex. 86 New Format Ex. 85 New Format Ex. 84 New Format Ex. 83 New Format Ex. 82 New Format Ex. 81 New Format Ex. 80 New Format Ex. 8 New Format Ex. 79 New Format Ex. 78 New Format Ex. 77 New Format Ex. 76 New Format Ex. 75 New Format Ex. 74 New Format Ex. 73 New Format Ex. 72 New Format Ex. 71 New Format Ex. 70 New Format Ex. 7 New Format Ex. 69 New Format Ex. 68 New Format Ex. 67 New Format Ex. 66 New Format Ex. 65 New Format Ex. 64 New Format Ex. 63 New Format Ex. 62 New Format Ex. 61 New Format Ex. 60 New Format Ex. 6 New Format Ex. 59 New Format Ex. 58 New Format Ex. 57 New Format Ex. 56 New Format Ex. 55 New Format Ex. 54 New Format Ex. 53 New Format Ex. 52 New Format Ex. 51 New Format Ex. 50 New Format Ex. 5 New Format Ex. 49 New Format Ex. 48 New Format Ex. 47 New Format Ex. 46 New Format Ex. 45 New Format Ex. 44 New Format Ex. 43 New Format Ex. 42 New Format Ex. 41 New Format Ex. 40 New Format Ex. 39 New Format
English PSSSB New Format English Exercise Random English Exercise 7 Minute Challenge Exercise 99 New FormatExercise 98 New FormatExercise 97 New FormatExercise 96 New FormatExercise 95 New FormatExercise 94 New FormatExercise 93 New FormatExercise 92 New FormatExercise 91 New FormatExercise 90 New FormatExercise 9 New FormatExercise 89 New FormatExercise 88 New FormatExercise 87 New FormatExercise 86 New FormatExercise 85 New FormatExercise 84 New FormatExercise 83 New FormatExercise 82 New FormatExercise 81 New FormatExercise 80 New FormatExercise 8 New FormatExercise 79 New FormatExercise 78 New FormatExercise 77 New FormatExercise 76 New FormatExercise 75 New FormatExercise 74 New FormatExercise 73 New FormatExercise 72 New FormatExercise 71 New FormatExercise 70 New FormatExercise 7 New FormatExercise 69 New FormatExercise 68 New FormatExercise 67 New FormatExercise 66 New FormatExercise 65 New FormatExercise 64 New FormatExercise 63 New FormatExercise 62 New FormatExercise 61 New FormatExercise 6 New FormatExercise 50 New FormatExercise 5 New FormatExercise 49 New FormatExercise 48 New FormatExercise 47 New FormatExercise 46 New FormatExercise 45 New FormatExercise 44 New FormatExercise 43 New FormatExercise 42 New FormatExercise 41 New FormatExercise 40 New FormatExercise 4 New FormatExercise 39 New FormatExercise 38 New FormatExercise 36 New FormatExercise 35 New Format

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