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Khilare is the best platform for those want to learn typing in Punjabi (Unicode - Raavi font) or English.

Raavi Font is more useful and bit easier than other Punjabi fonts. More useful because you can type anything and send it over internet; unlike other fonts. You can search Google or other search engines using Unicode or you can use it as status on facebook, twitter etc. sites, whatsapp like apps, shopping site, and many more.

It is easier than most of other Punjabi fonts because it has been worked on international standards and keyboard layout is specially designed as per use of keys. Also all the "Matras" are on left hand side of keypad, which makes it easy to use and memorize. Similar characers like 'ਦ' and 'ਧ' are on same keys with the difference in pressing shift key.

We receive a lot of messages from users and new comers asking the easiest and fastest way to learn typing and get a speed over 30 words per minute. So the answer is hard work and regular practice. Correct hand placement over keyboard and right sitting postures adds a big difference in increasing your speed.

At Khilare, we take care of new exercises and add new exercises weekly, so that its users can have more experience and different text.
You can also contribute to Khilare by sending your text to info [at] khilare.com

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